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Representing the best in class when it comes to corrugator technology.


When it comes to complete corrugator technology, you need look no further than Fosber Group! As designers and manufacturers of the world’s best corrugators, this Group has established itself as the ‘go to’ when it comes to making corrugated board. And now part of the Fosber Group for the last few years, Quantum Corrugated is represented in the UK and Ireland by GTS Europe.


The Quantum corrugator is a revolutionary machine adopting a production process concept that is new in the industry. It is available in working widths 1.3, 1.8 and 2.5m, with different configurations to meet every production requirements.

Quantum is the ideal machine both for special applications – production of fine flutes (N-F) with very light papers up to 40gsm – as well as for standard products (flutes B-C-E-R). Its dimensions are compact. The total length is between 45 and 65m, depending on the dry-end configuration.

Thanks to its great flexibility the Quantum corrugator can be used for any kind of production of single wall board, particularly for those applications where the traditional corrugators show limits both in quality and waste percentage, with particular reference to the production of sheets in fine flutes, allowing direct offset printing as well as the use of very light papers. Other fields of application include the production of corrugated board sheets for the highest flexo post-print quality with every flute type, the production of corrugated sheets with the highest board strength even using 100% recycled papers and the production of corrugated sheets with high-quality flexo-printed and coated liners (for example PE,PET, clay coated, silver or gold coatings ).

One of the most significant advantages offered by the Quantum system is the possibility of producing corrugated board that can substitute solid board in various applications with considerable paper savings.



In addition to the main corrugator, we also now offer The Wavy; it is the latest innovation and a brand new line designed for the production of single face sheets (also known as open flute sheets).

The single facer supplied by Quantum ensures maximum reliability with a wide range of paper qualities and grades. The Dry-End has been developed based on the Quantum proven technology and experience specially adapted for this specific application. The Wavy has a compact design and footprint; this means that less space is needed and it is easy and quick to install. 


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