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We have developed a portfolio of the world’s best converting equipment for your operation.

Whether you are looking for an entry level printer-slotter, or state of the art HD flexo post print line, GTS Europe has the widest range of flexo printing and converting lines on offer anywhere in the world!

With products available from Celmacch, Latitude and Weipong, we can offer the best machine to fit your needs and your budget. From a two colour print-slotter, right through to a four colour high speed flexo folder gluer, we have the most diverse portfolio of machines available in the market.


When you think of high-end, high output flexo converting lines with rotary die-cut capability, you have to think Latitude! With inside-outside printing (interestingly, one of the first manufacturers to install such a machine in the UK!) or as a high speed flexo folder gluer, LMC is the best machine of its type in the market. We have had great success with Latitude in the UK and Ireland, with many customers running two LMC lines, several running three machines, and even one company who has four high speed casemakers.


LMC's product line is a global success with the industry's broadest product offering with the size range from the Mini (660 x 1800mm) to the Jumbo (2200 x 5500mm). They are known as the PP Series. They include:

  • The Quick Set FFG Design has 4 models available in the 660mm, 1000mm and 1200mm machine repeat sizes.

  • The Open/Close FFG Design has 12 models available in the 660mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1600mm and 2200mm machine repeat sizes.


In terms of flexo rotary die-cutter, the P Series of equipment are bottom print machines, available in sizes 2200 x 4200mm, 2200 x 4800mm, 2200 x 5200mm and 2200 x 5800mm. They can be equipped with as many as six flexo print units.


Whether you are after a stand-alone flexo printing machine, a flat bed rotaplatine die-cutter with flexo print or an inside-outside printer - with or without rotaplatine die-cutting, CUIR CCM is the choice for you!

Clearly established as a best-in-class machinery designer and manufacturer, there are a multitude of machine options from this French OEM. With many machines in daily production within the UK, there are plenty of reference sites to visit. The machines are firm favourites with integrated as well as independent companies all over the world!

The machine portfolio includes:

  • MRV I/O

  • Rotaflexo Mk III Evolution

  • Rotaflexo FV24

  • Rotaplatine MRV

  • Mini Cuir


Sitting neatly in our portfolio of flexo converting lines, comes the Taiwanese designed, Chinese built machines that are ideal for small to medium sized box plants. Printer slotter, inside-outside printers or flexo folder gluer, Weipong’s range of equipment is well suited to many companies who produce corrugated packaging.


The Venus range of machines is available in top print, bottom print or both top and bottom print. The Venus is provided as:

  • STK flexo printer slotter with rotary die-cut unit.

  • SSTK flexo printer slotter with rotary die-cut unit.

  • FFG - either top or bottom printing flexo folder gluer.


With over a dozen machines now sold and installed in UK, this mid-level converting lines are proving most popular with sheet plant owners throughout the UK and Ireland.


For more information on any of our products or services please contact us now, it may just be the best call you ever make!

See our full contact details here!

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