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Superb materials handling systems, which help ensure maximum throughput.

From the paper reel to the finished goods warehouse, Emmepi Group offers some of the world’s best materials handling systems. This Italian company, which has grown from a small engineering company in 1981 to a premier supplier today, manufactures a broad portfolio of solutions, including:

  • Complete materials handling conveyors, turntables and transfer cars

  • Pre-feeders, palletisers, stackers and de-palletisers

  • Bundle and pallet strappers, both for converting machines and end of line solutions

  • Pallet wrappers


GTS Europe has successfully sold Emmepi Group systems throughout the UK and Ireland. Many of the high-end casemaker and flexo printing machinery installations completed have been done so with these superb materials handling systems, which help ensure maximum throughput.


For more information on any of our products or services please contact us now, it may just be the best call you ever make!

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